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Thank you for applying for a Summit University online academic program.

Before you begin, please carefully review the information and timelines posted on the Application Process page of the SU website: Be prepared to upload the following:

  1. A recent photo of yourself. This photo must be a head shot, which is in focus (not blurry) and similar to a passport or driver's license photo (larger than the typical Facebook profile photos). Submit this photo as a JPEG that is no larger than 5 MBs.
  2. Documentation of your highest educational level or degree. This may be a copy of your high school or college diploma or official or unofficial college transcripts. Please submit as a JPEG or PDF that is no larger than 1 MB. If you do not have your diploma or transcripts, you may submit a short resume (200 words or less) of your educational background as a .docx file.
  3. A 500-1000 word essay. Only .docx files of no more than 1 MB will be accepted. Describe why you would like to study at the Summit University School of Theology and Spiritual Studies. Explain what specifically interests you about the department, program, or course for which you are applying.

We reserve the right to exercise our discretion in granting or denying admission of applicants on any grounds consistent with our standards, our stated purpose and mission and/or our religious commitments.

Save & Continue Later: To save your application and continue later, begin filling out the application, including your name and email address, then scroll to the bottom, enter the captcha image code in the box and click "Save & Continue Later." You will be sent an email with a link to continue your application later.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Please provide us with an emergency contact.


I am applying for the following program:

Applicant Information

If you have an account with The Summit Lighthouse, please enter your account number (not required).

How did you hear about SU?

How did you hear about the Summit University academic programs?

Language and Learning Skills

This program is offered only in English and good English language skills are required in order to be successful in the coursework. For the list of necessary English language skills, see the Application Process webpage. Information for students with learning disabilities is also posted on the Application Process webpage.

If English is not your native language, please rate your ability to speak, read and write in English (EN).


I have read the instructions on the required essay and am uploading my essay here.

Technology and Computer Literacy

Courses are only available through the Internet and require a computer and basic computer skills to complete. To ensure that you have the computer skills and the technology to access your course and all of its features, please review the Technology and Computer Literacy requirements posted on the SU website.

Letters of Recommendation

I have read the Instructions on Letters of Recommendation and agree to request that two recommendations be submitted on my behalf.

Applicant Agreement

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