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Enrollment Agreement

By proceeding with this agreement, I understand that I am enrolling in 1 unit(s) of CPE Supervisor in Training (SIT), and that each unit is 400 clock hours, which are broken down as follows: 300 training/applied clock hours and 100 didactic/lecture clock hours. I acknowledge that class schedules will be determined by unit cohorts and agreed upon before the start of the semester. I understand that I have the right to withdraw at any time. I also understand that there is no notification to withdraw.

For your program start date, please refer to our website:

Tuition Payment

Tuition must be paid, in full, prior to the start of the unit unless the student has a Third-Party Sponsor and with the approved Third-Party Sponsor paperwork on file (see Third Party Sponsorship section in handbook for more details). Failure to pay in full prior to the start of the unit and/or failure of Third-Party Sponsorship payment will result in disenrollment. Any past due balances from previous units must be paid in full to enroll into subsequent units

         Standard Tuition and Fees

Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable)


Tuition per Unit for Clinical Pastoral Education Units 1, 2, 3, or 4


             Other Fees

Returned Check Fee


Certificate of Completion Replacement Fee/Document Research Fee


Payment/Refund Processing Fees*


*Payment and refunding fees are determined by the student choice of payment method vendor (PayPal standard transaction fee is 2.90% + $0.30. This fee is not returned in the event of a refund.)                                       

Payment Methods

Tuition is paid during the enrollment process online by credit/debit card or PayPal Credit only. Telephone payments will not be accepted. All refunds are processed through the student’s selected payment method, which may include processing fees.
PayPal transactions may incur processing fees, which are not returned by PayPal in the event of a refund. PayPal’s current standard fee rate for online transactions is 2.90% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee ($0.30). Additional PayPal fees may apply such as international transaction fees. All applicable PayPal fees can be found at

Third Party Sponsorship

If you are sponsored by a Third Party or Corporate Site, please fill-in all Third Party Sponsor information. Approved Third-Party Sponsor paperwork must be on file with all required signatures. If tuition is not paid by the end of the sixth week of training, the student will be billed for any outstanding tuition and fees. Failure to pay tuition and fees in a timely manner may result in suspension of training or administrative withdrawal. Students will not be permitted to enroll in future units until all tuition and fees have been paid.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (ICPT) maintains a refund policy that clearly identifies the refund due if the student cancels, withdraws, or is terminated from the program or if ICPT cancels a unit. The following definitions and procedures are the key components of this policy.


Applicant Rejection

Application for enrollment is rejected by ICPT following the submission of a Student Application.

Program Cancellation

CPT cancels a unit prior to or after the start date.

No Show

Student never attends class at the institution after enrolling and does not inform the institution. Students who do not attend or communicate with ICPT within the first week will be automatically disenrolled as a No Show.

Student Disenrollment

Student formally requests to disenroll from the unit/program. The date of the formal notice to ICPT faculty or staff is the effective date of the student disenrollment. Students may submit cancellation/withdrawal requests to the Director of Education and Administrative Director at Student disenrollment is categorized as:
Cancellation / No Start –Student accepted for Enrollment by ICPT requests disenrollment prior to the start of the unit and/or within the first week of the unit with no academic activity (see Last Day of Attendance definition for academic activity).
Withdrawal – Student requests disenrollment within the first week of the unit with academic activity and/or requests disenrollment within the second week of the unit or thereafter

Administrative Withdrawal / Termination

Institution may terminate a student’s enrollment in a unit for failure to meet academic, attendance, and/or conduct policies. No advanced notice is required for administrative withdrawals and may occur for the following reasons:

 - failure to attend two (2) consecutive video group meetings; and/or
 - failure to attend two (2) consecutive supervisory coaching sessions; and/or,
 - failure to log-in to the ICPT Learning Center for two (2) consecutive weeks; and/or
 - failure to attend and post on the discussion board(s) in their cohort within the ICPT Learning Center for two (2) consecutive weeks; and/or
 - failure to submit two (2) consecutive required assignments; and/or
 - failure to comply with ICPT’s policies and procedures.

Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

Due to the nature of ICPT’s Interactive Distance Learning environment, the last date of attendance is defined as the last date of student academic activity within the ICPT learning environment, including: accessing course content in the Learning Management System (LMS), submitting an assignment, and/or participating in a supervisory session, discussion forum, or cohort meeting.

Date of Determination (DOD)

The effective date of cancellation: the date of ICPT program cancellation, the date the student provides cancellation/withdrawal notice to the institution, or the date the institution terminates or disenrolls the student by applying the attendance, conduct, or satisfactory academic progress policy.


Refund Amounts are determined based on the nature and date of cancellation, rejection, and/or last day of attendance. All Students rejected or disenrolled from a unit will receive a Tuition Refund Worksheet. Refunds, if applicable, will be processed within 45 days from the date of determination via the method of payment utilized by the student (e.g., debit/credit card, PayPal Credit, or check (if applicable) subject to payment method processing fees. ICPT is not responsible for lost checks.

Applicant Rejection

Student will be refunded 100% of tuition paid; ICPT will retain the application fee.

Program Cancellation

Students enrolled prior to cancellation will be refunded 100% of all tuition and fees paid.

No Show, Cancellation, or No Start

Student will be refunded 100% of tuition paid; ICPT will retain the application fee.

Withdrawal or Termination

Refund amounts for Withdrawal or Termination after the Start Date of a Unit will be based on the student’s LDA. When determining the number of weeks completed by the student, the institution considers a partial week the same as if a whole week were completed.
First Week of Unit – Student will be refunded 90% of the tuition paid. ICPT will also retain the Application fee.
Second through Sixth Week of Unit (12th week for part-time units) - ICPT will retain the Application fee; plus, a pro rata portion of the tuition for the training period completed.
After the Sixth Week of Unit (12th week for part-time units)– Student is not eligible for refund and is responsible for all tuition and fees.


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